Typing Speed Test

The following test will help you see if speak faster than you type and by how much. The speed test consists of 2 easy steps. #1. You will record the 100 words of text. #2. You type the same words and we will give you the results. You can email them to yourself when you are done. Be prepared to be amazed! Watch the video and see just how easy the speed test is to take!

100 Words Of Text

This is a typing versus talking test to see how fast you can type compared to how fast you can talk.  Most people can talk nearly twice as fast as they can type accurately.

People’s flow of thought goes faster and better when they are talking rather than typing. It just makes sense, right?

When you are done with this test you will be able to see how much faster you can talk than you type. How much more can you get done daily? How much more money could you make?

We have a free trial just for you. Done!


Here Are Your Results!

Let's see how well you did.

It took you to TYPE.
That is words per minute!
That is words per hour!

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