Talking Speed Test

The Talking Speed Test will measure how fast you talk. When you are ready to start reading, hit record and then read 100 Words To Talk About. When you are done, hit the stop button and then the results will pop up. You can also email the results to yourself. Make sure you share this with your friends.


100 Words To Talk About

This is a talking speed test that measures how fast you can talk. Most people can talk nearly twice as fast as they can type accurately.

The vast majority of people are able to have their flow of thought go faster and better when they are talking rather than typing.

When you are done taking this test you will be able to see just how fast you talk. We take talking and turn it into typing here. Now everyone can type as fast as they can talk. How much more can you get done by talking instead of typing?  Lots!


This recording is not saved. You will be able to play it afterwards, but after you navigate away from this page, it will be gone forever.

Here Are Your Results!

Let's see how well you did.

It only took you  to TALK.
This is words per minute!
This is words per hour!

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