Reading Speed Test

How fast do you read? This simple test will help you see how fast you read. It works for 3rd Graders on up! When you are ready to begin, hit the read button and read the text, when you are done, hit stop and how many words per minute reading speed will show up. We can show you how to easily double your reading and comprehension.

Reading Speed Test

Read 100 Words Of Text

This is a quick reading speed test to see how fast you can read. Most people can ready nearly twice as fast as they can talk and they can talk nearly twice as fast as they can type accurately.

The faster you read, the faster you learn and the more money you make.

You will be now know how fast you can read. The great thing is that no matter how fast you can read, there are easy ways to double your speed. How much more can you get done every day if you could read twice as fast?



Here Are Your Results!

Let's see how well you did.

It only took you  to READ.
This is words per minute!
This is words per hour!

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